Gambling Case Study: From 0 to 1614 visitors and 104 FTDs daily (2020)

Gambling Case Study

Everyone knows how difficult and cost-intensive it is and how long it takes to position an affiliate project successfully in the gambling industry.

We definitely agree here.

It’s not easy and you need a fairly large budget to compete there. There is a lot of money to be made in the gambling niche. 

Until April 2019, we already had numerous Gambling customers who primarily only purchased backlinks from us. A strong link profile is essential in this area, but we were of the opinion that many customers give away massive potential in OnPage. 

Fortunately at Seolusion in April we received a request from a customer who wanted to book our full service for his casino project. Just two days later we agreed and started working together. In the meantime we have taken care of several websites of this customer completely and were able to increase the number of visitors from 0 to 1614 per day and the FTDs (First Time Deposits) from 0 to 104 per day for the first project until today (27.09.2019). 

The 27.09. has been the day with the highest number of visitors and the second highest number of FTDs – tendency constantly rising.

Do you want to make your project a success in Europe?

Join forces with BITEHAT, our deep understanding of the German and European audience and years of experience in affiliate marketing and client SEO.

In this post, I would like to explain you everything about our approach and strategy.

Our strategy

To develop a strategy, we first had to internalize the concept and vision of the project and target competitors to capture relevant industry averages and best practices.

The Facts

  • Fresh domain 
  • project was set up in the Scandinavian area – this was something new for us and we had to deal intensively with the local SERPs, the target group and their mentality there. 
  • 4 languages – Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and English 
  • Clean Onpage (approx. 85% perfect) 
  • We started with 15k€ monthly budget over a period of 6 months. 
  • strong competitors 
  • 50% of the top 10 at the time of the project start were anchored on the first page at Google for at least the last 6 months before the project start.

Further findings

We have analysed the strategies of the TOP 10 as closely as possible and looked at each aspect individually. We have compiled evaluations of average data such as anchor text distribution, type, quality and quantity of the backlinks, page structure, article length, etc.


Now to our “Casino Booster”


Short-term to attack the “big keywords” in the niche did not seem to us as the right way – this should be the long-term focus.


We asked ourselves how we could rank the “Gold Nugget” keywords in the long run, but at the same time bring the customer short-term success and increase his turnover. 

Either way, it was clear that we had to focus on off-page work on the website. In terms of Onpage, the project was already about 85% well set up.

The site now needed Authority.

In addition to winning more Linkjuice, we saw a strong need to build a strong, holistic brand. 

The key is to get the most out of every link. High quality and quantity in the selection of link sources was out of the question for the competitive niche anyway. 

Fortunately, we are experienced in the link building scene, broadly based and extremely well networked – this gave us the chance to provide the customer with links on strong portals that normally do not allow gambling projects. 

With the links we wanted to strengthen the brand as well as attract referral traffic. The power of the links should of course improve the rankings in the medium and long term and increase the direct number of visitors.

Our exact approach

  • We have put the strongest links from relevant blogs and magazines with extremely high traffic on the to-do list in order. 
  • We put the best niche edits, sorted by traffic and relevance, with about 80% home page links and 20% deep links on the to-do list. 
  • In very relevant forums we triggered a strong hype about the brand and additionally boosted the referral traffic.
  •  We used our PBN links as Tier 2 Links to rank the Tier 1 links articles, build the brand and maximize referral traffic.

Now to the details:

We have now processed the To-Do list from the links in order. On the outreach links, we were lucky to be able to get links from extremely strong magazines and blogs. 

In the beginning we mainly placed links that cost between 1000-8000€ per placement. 

With the Niche Edits we followed the same strategy, the prices were between 300-4000€.


Also with the forum links, we have a list of the best forums from the area, sorted descending by popularity and built discussions step by step in each forum thread. We have primarily mentioned the brand and if appropriate links inserted. So we could increase the brand searches early, but also strengthen the referral traffic pillar. 

We only used our PBN links as Tier 2 links. We have placed PBN links on an article until it has ranked. 

Every article we wrote for the link building was written Conversion and SEO optimized. 

We have made additional deals with some webmasters, e.g. for a Facebook group post. Often we could also feature the post on the home page or advertise in the newsletter to cheer it on.

 Authoritative brands simply enjoy more trust with Google, so that the additional effort in building links pays off massively.

Do you want to make your project a success in Europe?

Join forces with BITEHAT, our deep understanding of the German and European audience and years of experience in affiliate marketing and client SEO.

The results:

Already in June there were first results, mainly due to the referral traffic – so the strategy worked great!

Shortly afterwards we suggested to the customer to increase the budget. The strategy worked and it was obvious to increase it with more budget. 

We agreed on 22k€ per month. This allowed us to start with an additional idea that will pay off at the end of the year.

72 links from competitors through our creative outreach campaign

We still want to keep the concept of the creative outreach campaign secret. 

Roughly: We built a second page on another domain, which only focused on a certain area, was not monetarized and delivers additional value for a broad target audience. 

Then our outreach team came into the game and the links rolled in.


What do we do with it?

We’ll keep adding links until December and then redirect the site to the money site. So the money site will even have links from direct competitors. After such a long time, most will not notice it anymore. We are already curious, what kind of Traffic Bonner jumps out thereby. If you are interested in details, please let us know in the comments. We will create a post at the end of December and report about details and results. We have already successfully implemented such campaigns in other areas and know that it works extremely well. Now our onpage optimizations come into the game.

Onpage hacks with surfer SEO

We have already mentioned that the customer’s Onpage was already about 85% good. In this step we simply optimized some small things, like some E-A-T elements, too long Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions. With Surfer SEO we checked correlations of different factors and adjusted each page accordingly. Here is an example with the keyword “television test” (in German) from Surfer:

This type of optimization is based on a purely quantitative analysis of strongly correlating onpage factors. Sounds banal, but in fact often has a very good effect – especially in combination with a qualitative analysis and a healthy “SEO understanding”.

Otherwise they wouldn’t be where they are, would they?

Of course we have optimized more than just keywords with Surfer, but that would go beyond the scope of this post in the form of screenshots and explanations. 

I think the tool deserves its own post. If you are interested in a post about the tool Surfer SEO, please let us know in the comments. 

The site responded well, showed effects and continued to evolve (the days without traffic were tracking failures).

Continuation of the campaigns – the success

We continued the campaign and moved on as planned. The links on the strong magazines, blogs and forums are getting better every day and still bring more and more traffic today.

Do you want to make your project a success in Europe?

Join forces with BITEHAT, our deep understanding of the German and European audience and years of experience in affiliate marketing and client SEO.

See yourself:

The Referral Traffic share of it:

We think it’s great that the site is not only dependent on organic traffic and gets the traffic flow from many different sites.

 In addition, the site even gets some direct visitors and the brand is googled more and more often – the campaign is slowly bearing fruit.

And this is also reflected in the revenue:

The site has now broken through the 100 FDPs per day and the customer is of course very satisfied with it – but that was far not everything yet.

 We still have a lot to do and will get a lot out of it, especially in December. (The gaps exist, because another target project was tracked before that)

The anchor texts were last optimised in September.

Anchor text distribution for brand success

We have linked about 5-7% with hard anchors and otherwise very much with the brand and generic constellations (the links with the generic anchor texts Ahrefs has not yet found). 

From the anchor text distribution you can see very well that we put a lot of focus on brand building.

Our exact distribution, according to which we have directed ourselves:

  • 8% Keyword anchor texts (televisions, screens) 
  • 6% Brand + Keyword (TV available at 
  • 66% Brand/ Domain/ Url (Brand, 
  • 10% Brand + generic (here at Brand is a solution for you) 
  • 10% generic (here, there, this page, on the page, more, link, source)

Conclusion + further plan:

The strategy performs very well and the customer is more than satisfied. Our goal is to get 1000 visitors per day ONLY organically by the end of the year and an additional 1000 per day via links, brand searches + direct visitors. 

The customer has now increased the budget for this project to 40 000€ per month and has given us two additional projects.

With this budget we are now increasingly attacking competitive keywords in the SERPs.

We are sure that we will reach our goal with the planned Redirect in December + further strong OffPage campaigns. 

In addition, we want to continue working on the E-A-T of the website with the budget. Here, too, we have very creative and proven effective strategies. We will keep these secret for now and report on them later – don’t worry, you will still be able to achieve very good results at this point. 

Ask your question in the comments and share your opinion with us. 🙂