Crush Germany's Search Engine Rankings

You want to successfully bring your project to Germany? Great idea, but why not make it an inside job to gain an unfair advantage over your competition? Repeat your success in Europe's GEOs with BITEHAT.
"They managed to scale our international website into the German-speaking area and establish it in a highly competitive market. These boys know how to crush the German market!"

The best way to scale your Business in Germany

SEO / Linkbuilding / Outreach / PBNs / Copywriting / CRO / Translations / Monetization / Update Recovery


BITEHAT @CHIANG MAI SEO CON: As always, 14. – 15. Nov 2019 – we will be there.

MEDIC UPDATE OWNED: Successfully recovered 5 heavily hit websites – and counting.

NEARING 2000 HAPPY CUSTOMERS: With almost 5000 placed outreach links and 123 000 000 + generated traffic.

BITEHAT Is Your Unfair Advantage

Same niche, dumber algorithm, weaker competition = better ROI with less effort. Europe is waiting for you and BITEHAT is your gateway to success.

You know your stuff.

Gambling? Adult? Nutra? Finance? Whatever the niche – you clearly know how things roll in your online marketing universe.

And we know ours.

Our German SEO-Experts have been turning over 8 digits in revenue through affiliate marketing, flipped projects for half a million Euros and helped thousands of international customers to succeed in the German market.

So let’s join forces.

BITEHAT is your gateway to repeating the success you are having in your niches within the European market.

Most Marketers Fail At Foreign GEOs

Do you know why foreign internet marketers fail at scaling within the EU?

They get scammed.

They don’t know the target country’s language. They have no clue how much local SEO services cost. People know that. That means premium prices for poor quality.

They lack knowledge.

They don’t know anything about people’s mentality, what converts and what not – hell, they don’t even know what is written on their landing pages. They are unexperienced with the local Google algorythm and unable to exploit loopholes.

So let them fail and pass them on the fast lane towards success.

BITEHAT’s team of German SEO Veterans has been dominating the local internet marketing scene for years. Do not miss out on the chance to jumpstart your project with the help of an insider.

100% Battle-Tested Techniques

We only sell what we have been using ourselves successfully for 6 years. Real results. always.

PBN- & Outreach-Links.

Running one of the leading German PBN-Networks as well as our full-service outreach platform, BITEHAT offers unique linkbuilding capabilities.

Content creation and optimization.

Our skilled writers know how your target audience thinks and we know what is importand to not only get your page up the ranks but also how to make it convert.

Tailor-made, holistic SEO service.

Whatever challenge – algorithm updates, negative SEO, penaltys – you are struggeling with. Whatever project you want custom build. We have been there and are now here for you.

"The German version of our website had a strong traffic drop of 42% after the Google update back in March. Our site lacked authority and therefore we wanted to work only with strong outreach links from now on. I had already tested BITEHAT's service in the past and knew that the agency was the right partner for high-quality link building. Since March we could almost completely recover the traffic of our site and will expand our cooperation with BITEHAT."

Your All-Round Carefree SEO Toolbox

From our 35 strong SEO Agency – SEOLUSION – over our full-service white hat outreach platform – – to our successful 7-figure affiliate business – if we can not make your project a success, nobody can.


We cover both on and off page optimization to boost your rankings on Google & Co. Always on top of the game.


Links from real websites with real traffic, custom outreach, PBNs and pillow linkstransparent, save, affordable.


We translate your copy, correct existing content or write from scratch – optimized for optimal UX, maximum conversions.


We connect you with the best partners, identify unused potentials and negotiate optimal conditions.

Update/Penalty Recovery

We help you getting back to the top after being hit by penalties or algorithm updates. We futureproof your project.


We have the experience and the resources to replicate your project in Germany – from zero to hero.

Been there, done that – you name it, we’ve got you covered.

By Your Side - From Launch To Success And Beyond

We worked with thousands of customers and are running several successful websites. So no matter the niche – yes, even adult & gambling – we know how to make your projects a success in Germany.

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The Hard Core

Our core members have been running several successful companys, built numerous strong brands and survived even the darkest times in search engine history – by always staying on top of the game, by being connected amongst the world’s SEO elite and by synergistically combining their expertise.

Alex Schindler

Nikita Yatsun

Max Bogdan

Cornelius Berentzen

And this is just the hard core doing the descision making. Our online marketing family is almost 50 heads strong: SEOs, Outreachers, Copywriters, Researchers, Developers, Customer Service – spread accross different teams and brands.

Do you want to make your project a success in Europe?

Join forces with BITEHAT, our deep understanding of the German and European audience and years of experience in affiliate marketing and client SEO.

"We are very satisfied with the quality and are seeing impressive results in traffic and revenue. We will go on working with these guys and are looking forward to further results."